25 Years of Inner Power Yoga
In 1999, R.R. Shakti began teaching yoga an extension of her work in the field of Outdoor Leadership. Her first programs combined yoga with wilderness experiences in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and canyon landscapes of Utah. She received her first official Yoga Teacher Certification from the Shoshoni Yoga Ashram. A teaching from Swami Shambhavananda inspired the name: Inner Power Yoga (IPY).

The Institute for Inner Power Yoga® developed as an accredited yoga school through the work of Yoga Worldreach, 501c3. Founded by R.R. Shakti in 2006, Yoga Worldreach began as a non-profit organization and reestablished as a social business in 2010 before dissolving in 2012. With programs in Africa, India, Central America and throughout the United States, Yoga Worldreach offered yoga empowerment opportunities for survivors of trauma and people with special needs.

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Yoga Worldreach provided programs such as Heart Back to India, Halo Youth Yoga, Yoga Bridge to Africa (in partnership with the Strongheart Fellowship), Coming hOMe for women survivors of trauma, Coming hOMe on Pine Ridge Reservation,  and Yoga for the Center for People with Disabilities.


The Institute for Inner Power Yoga® seeks to continue the work of Yoga Worldreach
by incorporating seva (social service) into our 200-hour yoga education programs.
Students are inspired to present a seva project proposal for peer review and support. As part of our yoga teacher training, we inspire and empower one another to implement a sustainable action plan for offering yoga as seva within our local and global communities. 

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 The Institute for Inner Power Yoga is a subsidiary of the Soul Artist Academy.