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Soul Artist | MasterCourse
Nāda Yoga | Sanskrit & Sacred Sound

An Introduction to Sanskrit for Yoga and Sacred Sound Meditation.

Learn to identify and pronounce the characters of the Sanskrit alphabet.
Why study Sanskrit?

The sounds of Sanskrit are harmoniously blended to deepen your practice and empower your voice.
The language of Yoga displays both the precision of mathematics and the eloquence of music.
The arrangement of the devanagari (Sanskrit alphabet) is designed to sequentially follow the resonance of 
spanda (pulsation) and the power of prana (life force) as breath. Enunciation of Sanskrit sounds clarifies your mind. You become focused on your own embodied experience of sound vibration. The clear, embodied experience of speaking, chanting, and singing the devanagari becomes a euphonic pathway of Nada Yoga–the direct realization of your infinite creative power.

Study Sanskrit to take your yoga practice and teaching to the next level.

Three Tracks of Accomplishment

Choose from three tracks for personal enrichment or Yoga Teacher Accreditation:

 1. Virtual MINI MasterCourse completion counts for 10 study hours toward the
300-hour Soul Artist MasterCourse Series.

2. Join the Nādā Yoga Immersion in-person for 30 hours Nādā Yoga MasterCourse credit.
3. Receive 300-hour Yoga Accreditation when you complete all MasterCourses & Immersions. 

 What this course includes:  

  • 84 page course manual 
  • Two LIVE, virtual group sessions to practice reading and speaking Sanskrit. 
  • Four pre-recorded learning videos. 
  • Practices to deepen your relationship to Nādā Yoga & Sacred Sound. 
  • A 45-minute one/one mentorship session for personalized practice. 

* You will learn to recognize and pronounce the characters of the Sanskrit Devanāgarī (alphabet).
* Embark on a contemplative study of Nādā Yoga and Sacred Sound.
* Learn key Sanskrit words for teaching…and to explore a deeper experience of yoga. 

* Practice leading mantras with confidence and clarity.
* Learn how to recognize āsana names and present yoga sequences in a more meaningful way.

* Receive a life-changing introduction to Tantra Yoga and Mystic Psychology.

Live & Virtual Connection Dates
Nādā Yoga
Sanskrit & Sacred Sound
 Registration includes your ebook + practice videos + one/one support + live sessions
This course offers two options:

1. The virtual MINI-MasterCourse meets online over zoom.
2. To receive full credit for the MasterCourse, you will also meet in-person at Mountain Soul Yoga.

Live sessions will not be recorded.
Scheduled meeting times include short breaks, TBA. 


Saturday, June 3, 2023
In person at Mountain Soul Yoga,
Edwards CO.

9:00 am – noon MT
2:00 - 6:00 pm MT
Sunday, June 4, 2023
Meet virtually over zoom
9:00 am – noon MT
In person at Mountain Soul Yoga,
Edwards CO.

2:00 - 6:00 pm MT

Join R.R. Shakti, PhD

Shakti is a Contemplative Mythologist, ritual facilitator, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. She studied 3 years of Sanskrit for Yoga at Naropa University and practiced translating Sanskrit texts to inform her doctoral work at Pacifica Graduate Institute. In 2020, Shakti returned to Naropa as adjunct faculty in Religious Studies.

Register to Reserve Your Spot.

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…or do you prefer to register for the entire MasterCourse series?

MasterCourses are virtual education programs to prepare for your In-Person Immersions.
Virtual MasterCourses can be taken in any order at any time, as enrolment is ongoing.
 Each MasterCourse counts as 10 hours toward the 300-hour Yoga Certification and
includes One/One Mentorship, Live Zoom Practice/Discussion + Pre-recorded Sessions Online.
Register for an individual MasterCourse weekend or apply to attend the entire MasterCourse Series toward 300-hour Certification*. (CEUs are available for Certified Yoga Teachers.)

Here's what an investment of $3300 will give you:
(Payment plans are available. Save $400 when you pay in full.) 
9 MasterCourse Livestream sessions (graduates must attend all scheduled live events). $972 value
6 In-person Immersions $1998 value
One/One Soul Artist Awakening mentorship sessions with Shakti (Twelve 40-minute calls).
$1056 value
Interactive e-books & pre-recorded sessions online (study and practice at your own pace).
$972 value
One year, unlimited membership to Soul Artist Academy Online. $432 value
  • Immersion destinations are subject to change. Early notice will be given in the event of any changes.
  • $3300 tuition covers immersion admission and lodging discounts. Tuition does not cover travel expenses. 
  • One/One mentorship must be completed by Dec. 30, 2023.
Unlimited Member Access
When you register for the complete MasterCourse Series, you also receive one year of Unlimited member access to the Soul Artist Academy, including complete Soul Story Subscription, Community Practice Membership and all exclusive courses.

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