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Reclaiming Divine Feminine
R.R. Shakti, PhD 
If I am honest, I didn’t even know how relevant this work would become in the years that accompanied, and have now followed, my doctoral research.

What I did know was that the feminine principle had become a distant concept in my own life. One that felt either satirical or imaginary in a culture that had rallied under a banner of masculine power for so long. Then I became a mother. The dragon was awakened. Not with hatred, or even anger…but with curiosity. What was I missing? 

When I began writing in 2014. I could never have predicted that, 2 years later, the U.S. would inaugurate a leader whose despicable treatment of women has been called his “first abuse of power.” Exactly two weeks before the publication date of my doctoral dissertation, the #MeToo movement was born. Two years later a global pandemic sent our human civilization into a urgent reckoning with “Mother Nature.” And this year, the Supreme Court dismantled the landmark legislation of Roe v. Wade.

The reclamation of the Divine Feminine is not simply a political cry for women’s rights and safety. It is a psychological and spiritual imperative to heed the cries of our planet, honor the wisdom of our bodies and remember the sacredness of the human experience. “Godd-ess” stands for the ess-ence of divinity that animates all things.

I couldn’t have know how much the world would need Her now, but it has been five years since I completed my doctorate and I am finally ready to share this work with you.

Join me. Together we will excavate the Goddess through the grounds of Hindu Tantra and Depth Psychology. This work explores Mythology, Alchemy, and Dream Analysis as it weaves a tapestry to inspire your real life, right now.

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Who AM I? 
I am a Contemplative Mythologist and Psycho-spiritual Guide.
Inspired by a childhood attraction to story symbols and mystic wisdom, I offer a life-changing approach to Depth Psychology through mythic stories from around the world...and the soul stories found within your own heart.
I want to guide you home to your deepest inner power.

R.R. Shakti, PhD
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