Spring Navaratri
Celebrate Nine Nights of God/dess Archetypes
with R.R. Shakti, PhD
R.R. Shakti, PhD

Founding teacher of Inner Power Yoga®, Shakti is a Contemplative Mythologist, ritual facilitator, and writer who presents a Tantrik approach to personal empowerment and social action. Through contemplative story-telling and mind/body practices, she offers a vision of deep peace and radical freedom.

Spring Navaratri
Celebrate Nine Nights of Goddess Archetypes
April 9-17, 2024

Includes Access to Nine Nights of Pre-Recorded Content + Live Call Celebration.

  • Audio Soul Stories for each God/dess Archetype
  • Audio God/dess invocation
  • Translation of her mantra
  • Daily Contemplative practice
  • Engaged Soul Question & Empowerment Actions
  • Live Zoom Call Celebration

Live 1-hour
Celebration Call

Wednesday, April 17
7:00–8:00 p.m. MT

Gather in virtual community for stories, teachings, and contemplative practice to invoke the courage, compassion, and creative clarity of God/dess to empower your life.

Save your seat.
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Love for Shakti...
"...her blend of spirituality, non-judgement, and open hearted fun opened the door to what has become an ongoing journey on the mat..."  
photo: ZigZag
"R.R. Shakti, has been, and is, an incredible inspiration. She has helped me to grow and broadened my understanding of how we are all connected—not only to each other but also to our planet, our universe, and the great divine that resides in all beings. 
Talaya Thomas
"..She not only is an amazing wealth of knowledge, she also embodies the depth of yoga and lives it in all aspects of her life. She has cultivated an exquisite capacity to lead, relate, and transmit the wisdom of her studies through living it."
Thomas Radtke
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 The Soul Artist Academy was founded by R.R. Shakti, PhD in 2020 as a platform for creative study & contemplative practice. 

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