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Kapha Dosha
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The connecting energy.
People with a kapha-like constitution are generally loyal, strong, and steady. They tend to be relaxed and go with the flow of life. The earth and water elements make them stable and fluid. They are the glue that binds families together, the ones who provide nurturing support to their friends and loved ones. Instead of explosive energy, kapha energy is abiding and enduring. The often speak, walk, and think more slowly and deliberately. Kapha bodies are sturdy, and have difficulty losing weight. They prefer rest, relaxation, and routine. They tend to be contemplative.

Balanced Kapha
  • relaxed/easy-going personality
  • compassionate & forgiving nature
  • non-judgmental
  • committed and supportive love
  • enduring energy
  • methodical
  • strong/sturdy bodies
  • soft/smooth skin
  • stable immunity
Imbalanced Kapha
  • unmotivated or complacent
  • stubborn & unmoving
  • allergies
  • lethargy
  • doubt
  • indecisive & procrastinating
  • excess weight
  • sluggish digestion
  • sadness/depression
Kapha dosha is most prevalent in the early Spring when the air is cold and damp and the earth is wet from snow and/or rain.

Morning from 6:00-10:00 am and evening from 6:00-10:00 pm are considered Kapha times of the day.
If you have excess kapha dosha, your body may feel sleepy or sluggish at these times. You may have a tendency to sit and watch evening television and/or sleep-in late.

Babies and little children exhibit the essence of Kapha, with their juicy layers of fat and slobber. They tend to need more food and sleep for growth and development.
Once you understand your unique dosha balance, you learn more of what makes you, YOU!
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