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The 4 Cores & Spanda Kriyas
Yoga is so much more than widespread palms on sticky mats. It is more than a wellness retreat at the beach. Yoga swells like a wellspring in your heart. It is the meeting point between your thoughts, between your fingers, and just beyond reach.

Yoga is the force that breathes you wide open; the love-seed of desire in the fruitful darkness of space. Yoga is the relationship between the finite and the infinite. It is dancing to the tempo of opposites and holding that tension with grace.

Yoga is the elemental powers within you–earth, water, fire, and air. It is the voice that calls you toward radical freedom. And it is the experiential wisdom that reminds you:
You are already there.
Inner Power Yoga YOGA + AYURVEDA Workbook
Āyurveda is a system of wellness deeply rooted in nature.
It recognizes that humanity is created from, exists within, and eventually returns to the elements.

Āyurveda is a Vedic science that has been practiced for thousands of years for the sake of holistic wellness. The system of Āyurveda recognizes that the key to good health is balance at all levels of being. It employs mindful dietary considerations, yoga āsana (postures), prānāyāma (breathing practices), herbs, and meditation for optimal health.
It seeks to cleanse the body of toxins and eliminate excess inflammation.

Ayurveda views everything as comprised of the pancha mahābhūtas (five basic elements): earth, water, fire, air and space. These are the building blocks for the qualities of your mind, body, and environment.

Remember Your Soul's Sweetness with the Yoruba Orisha: Oshun
Orisha means “deity” to the people of the Yoruba people. Each orisha rules over aspects of the world:

Yemaya is the mother goddess who dwells in the vast salty seas of the planet. She provides the fertile juices of childbirth and protects women in their pregnancy. Shango is the god of thunder, lightning and fire. He is the king of the drum and the dance. He is the Great Celebrator. Eleggua is the deity who governs portals and paths. Like the Hermes of Greek Mythology, he is a divine messenger–able to traverse between realms. Ogún is the god of iron, metallurgy, industry, technology, and warfare.

…and then there is Oshun. Oshun is the youngest and most beautiful. She is the goddess who sparkles like diamonds in the sun.  
Rāmāyana | A Mythic View Through the Lens of Depth Psychology
As Joseph Campbell relayed in his many works on the subject, “Myths do not belong, properly, to the rational mind. Rather, they bubble up from deep in the wells of what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious” (Myths, xvii). When you approach mythology with contemplative inquiry, you will find messages that guide your choices and behaviors. Myths are soul stories. They provide valuable insight regarding your most cherished relationships. They reveal your life’s purpose and point you in the direction of your deepest desires.
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