Inner Power Yoga®

The 200 hr. Inner Power Yoga® curriculum provides four week-long intensives which progressively approach these stages of development with thorough discussion and experiential learning of physical alignment, asana sequencing, yoga history, meditation, and yoga practice theory. Experiential learning and contemplative study offer each participant an opportunity to develop tools for optimal self-care and personal enrichment.

BEGINS JUNE 13, 2024
at Tadasana Mountain Yoga in Nederland, CO.
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This comprehensive education program invites you to find your unique voice as a yoga teacher:

  • Confidently teach asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques to a diverse audience.
  • Explain the interwoven theories of yoga as they have evolved over the centuries.
  • Learn teach the Four Cores of Inner Power Yoga and the Spanda Kriyas that activate them. 
  • Explore physical anatomy and alignment principles with adaptations for each student.
  • Master yoga sequencing to create meaningful and inspired classes.
  • Gain a working understanding of the Sanskrit language, to support your teaching.
  • Develop a personal approach to Tantra Yoga Psychology.
  • Engage in independent study that enriches your entire life—your practice, relationships, your next steps as a yoga leader. 
  • Expand experientially through your community practicum and yoga seva projects. 
  • Realize, experience, and celebrate your inner power. 
Discover the modules.
The 200 hr. Inner Power Yoga® curriculum provides four in-person immersions which approach progressive stages of development thorough physical alignment, asana sequencing, yoga history, meditation, and yoga practice theory. Experiential learning and contemplative study offer each participant an opportunity to develop tools for optimal self-care and personal enrichment.

As a teacher training, the program will give you the tools to present a yoga practice that is adaptable to each individual, providing the skills required to share the practice and teachings of yoga in a manner that is authentic, inspired, and inclusive.

Participants will learn how to create dynamic asana sequences and thoughtful class themes, as well as the essential ingredients of yoga mythology and philosophy to deepen their practice and teaching. With these skills, students may reach their highest potential as teachers.

Realize, Experience, and Celebrate your inner power.
BE the change you wish to see in the world.
Meet your guides.
R.R. Shakti, Ph.D. invites you to be a Soul Artist. 
Weaving World Mythology with mind/body practice, she guides you home to your deepest wisdom.

Shakti has been teaching yoga since 1999. She holds a PhD in Mythology and Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and is a certified Yoga Therapist, licensed Massage Therapist, and Ayurvedic Consultant. Shakti received her undergraduate degree in Traditional Eastern Arts from Naropa University, with an emphasis on Yoga Studies. She returned to Naropa as adjunct faculty in 2020.

Shakti has taught yoga throughout the country and  offered programs in Africa, India, and Central America.  She has presented Yoga Teacher Training and Education Programs since 2008. 

Now is your time. Take flight.
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"Inner Power Yoga empowers us as individuals and perpetuates a yoga movement at large. Deeply rooted in Tantra, myth, anatomy, psychology–it is woven together to magically feel BALANCED. I can say with confidence that anyone who undergoes this training leaves with more steadiness and more ease–in their body, yoga practice and teaching as well as in their heart-mind. That to me is a great place to begin as a teacher! Personally speaking, it is also great place to continue as an experienced teacher. Despite teaching for over a decade, I had no idea the Inner Power I was missing until I went through this training and got my dose of Shakti! Gratefully, my life is forever changed."
–G. Fruchey, Fort Wayne IN. 
"Shakti is dedicated to ensuring that students are getting the most well-rounded, in-depth yoga education and ensures that each student is empowered and shining from their own light within. A transformation should not be is simply inevitable. Even if you do not desire to become a yoga teacher this teacher training is invaluable in deepening your personal practice and understanding of yoga at its roots. This education program takes each individual on a personalized journey of realizing their true nature in every moment, on and off the yoga mat."
— J. Allen, Buena Vista CO.
""To me Inner Power Yoga Education means unlocking what has been there the whole time. Our inner power is innate to us. We have it all, we just need the tools to be open to that..." 
–D. Pedersen, Ubud Bali
"What a profound experience [our journey] was for me. Life changing really. I have new eyes and heart for the world around me and within me. I experienced an amazing sense of belonging and not only that, but a profound inspiration. Supported and supporting. What a gift...
I pray that your journey is glorious and challenging to the point of radical inspiration."

–T. Shaw, Lincoln NE
"Studying under Shakti was an amazing spiritual awakening! She is the most studied individual I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She empowered each of us to find our own path as an instructor by educating us with science-based information. I am more then prepared to lead others to the wonderful path of yoga!"
–T. Morick, Angola IN. 

Certified Yoga Teachers
Get ready to take the next step as a yoga leader.
If you already have a 200-hour Yoga Education Certification, you can deepen your understanding, amplify your voice, and SAVE 50% off the entire $2900 tuition!
Certified teachers pay only $1450

What if I have a schedule conflict with one module?
We highly encourage you to adjust your schedule to be available for all the scheduled modules. If you are unable to attend one at Mountain Soul in Edwards, you may be able to take that module in another location or at Mountain Soul at a future date.

What is the daily schedule for each module?
The daily schedule will include in-person sessions (online programming is offered throughout the weeks prior and following each live session.) Below is a tentative sample schedule. Note: Thursday begins at noon and Sunday concludes at 5:00 pm. 

7:00-9:00 am Opening practice/meditation
9:00-10:00 am Breakfast break
10:00-noon Program Session 
noon-2:00 pm Lunch Break
2:00-5:00 pm Program Session
5:00-6:30 pm Dinner Break
6:30-8:30 pm Program Session

Are yoga classes at Mountain Soul Yoga included in my tuition?
Yes. You will receive unlimited yoga at Mountain Soul Yoga for the duration of the program...a $750 value. Additionally, your tuition includes access to Soul Artist Academy online. 

I will be coming from out of town, do you provide lodging?
We do not provide lodging but have many recommendations for excellent places to stay in the Edwards area.

Is this training certified through Yoga Alliance?
Yes. The Institute for Inner Power Yoga is certified with Yoga Alliance.

What is Inner Power Yoga?
Inner Power Yoga® was founded in 2002 by R.R. Shakti and  is committed to offering personal empowerment, global community, and a comprehensive yoga education through the Institute for Inner Power Yoga®. It is a diverse group of yoga scholars with trainings offered throughout the year in several locations.

Who leads the teacher training?
The 200 hour training is led by R.R Shakti, PhD. Shakti has been leading Yoga Teacher Training since 2007 and infuses the curriculum with the yoga education she has gathered for 25+ years. Guest teachers may be featured for various workshops and practices according to their specialty.

Are payment plans available?
Yes. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your place in the training. Payment plans are flexible and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule and budget

Is there a discount for Mountain Soul Yoga Members?
Yes. There is a $500 discount on the course fee for current and active members.

What if I am already a Certified Teacher?
You will find deeply enriching inspiration for your teaching and practice, wether you are a newer practitioner or a seasoned teacher. If you already have a 200-hour Certification to teach Yoga, you are eligible to receive 50% off the full tuition. 

What is the time commitment outside of the modules?
Between modules you required to participate in 15 hours of community practice (asana, community satsang, lectures/discussions, etc..) with Inner Power Yoga teachers. We will provide you with a list of opportunities. Additionally, there is about 15 hours of online content and OMwork between modules.

Will I have to take a test?
Yes. You will need to complete the Warrior Exam and an asana recognition test towards your certification. Additionally, you will be required to teach a practicum and outline a Seva service project.

How do I get started? 
The first step is to APPLY ONLINE. Once you have applied for admission, Shakti will connect with you to assess the most beneficial next steps that are personal to you. 
Now is your time. Take flight.
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