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Inner Power Yoga is a dynamic practice combining holistic body wisdom, Tantrik teachings, and Yoga Psychology to empower each individual. Established in Colorado in 2001 and nationally registered in 2009, Inner Power Yoga® is committed to offering personal empowerment, global community, and a comprehensive yoga education through the Soul Artist Academy®


  • "...dark and light, weak and strong, fear and courage, concealing and revealing (just like expanding & contracting and rooting & rising) are inseparable. Inner Power is spiritual, but transcends religious dogma. Inner Power Yoga is an experience. 

    It's difficult to grasp intellectually."

    Ingrid Sepahpur | 2009 Graduate, Lincoln NE

  • "Inner Power Yoga empowers us as individuals and perpetuates a yoga movement at large. Deeply rooted in Tantra, myth, anatomy, psychology–
    it is all woven together to magically feel BALANCED."

    Gretchen Fruchey | Certified IPY Teacher, Fort Wayne IN.

  • "...to expand through the transformative power of breath and inner strength. Inner Power Yoga is an exploration of the soul and exudes connection between our tribe–the fellow sisters and brothers of humanity in everyday circumstances. 

    Affirmative action resides in the practice of Inner Power Yoga"

    Amy McLatcher | STF, Fremont IN.

  • "Inner Power Yoga is remembering our way back to creation, melting the barriers and false truths we—as individuals and as humanity—have constructed over time.
    It renews our knowledge of ourselves, of what it is to be alive."  

    Jocelyn Franklin | 2013 Graduate, Nederland CO.

  • "Inner Power Yoga embodies the essence of your true nature. 
    Wholesome and vital–your power lies in knowing yourself and possessing the strength to follow your instincts..."

    Jennifer Conway | 2008 Graduate, Lincoln NE.

are dedicated to supporting the empowerment of each STF (student. teacher. friend). Through heartfelt connection and playful rigor, we establish a community that is based in courage, compassion, and the highest creative potential. 

  • Sreedevi Bringi

  • R.R. Shakti 

  • Thomas Radtke

  • Gretchen Fruchey

  • Justine Sanchez

  • Mikey Brackett

Contemplative Mythology

Deep Psychology

& Inner Power Yoga® Studies

Soul Artist 

The Soul Artist Academy was founded by R.R. Shakti, PhD in 2020 as a platform for creative study and contemplative practice.

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